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Thomas' secret millions. The truth has been unveiled.

This report was compiled by Euro Money News to unveil the truth behind a new money-making system.

Reporter Frank Bauer investigates a money-generating system that has managed to quickly rise in popularity in the USA and the world.

Social media is currently getting flooded with news that Thomas Willson has earned millions using a "secret system" from the United States. A source from his entourage had inadvertently revealed this information and has since been shared on Facebook, reported on national television and in the press. Here at Euro Money we want to unveil the truth behind this "secret system" that he uses and see if it really works.

It has been uncovered that Thomas is trading with a system called "binary options" that at its start became very popular in the United States, with the help of which many earned thousands, even millions of euros with little effort, simply by using an extraordinary trick to always beat the markets. At the beginning of the year the US documentary series "60 Minutes" broadcast a report interviewing people that were using this system. They explained that the reason why it was kept secret for so long was because everybody could use it. The authorities in the USA tried to prevent Americans from using this system, out of fear that this new technology would create so much wealth that it would lead to the disruption of the financial system that is preserving the so called "status quo". One insider that doesn't want to be mentioned in the documentary, explains that this system could enrich the American working class overnight. This is making the political elite nervous because they want to keep their grasp on the power. However, there are no restrictions in Europe that would forbid this trading technique, and it has been estimated that since January 2015 in Germany alone thousands of new millionaires have been created.

A source from one of the leading consulting agencies has ascertained that "binary trading is creating weekly more millionaires than the lottery. The fact remains that for 90% of our new clients who seek out financial counseling, their main income is generated by binary trading. It is astonishing that in the past these people pursued a normal profession like construction worker, had an office job, or were even unemployed, and now they earn more than the top stockbrokers in the country". ».

In the course of our investigations Euro Money has come across a German named Jonas Schäfer who published a diary with his earnings in his first week of using this system. Before he earned his money via binary trading, Jonas had a low paying office job. This story became famous on the Internet. We published an excerpt from the diary with an exclusive article by Mr Schäfer himself. Euro Money has verified the veracity of Mr Willson's statement and found it to be truthful. This is just an example out of thousands of Germans who have started to binary trade this year. The following diary excerpt is an astonishing report of his first trading week.

My 7-day test with Binary options trading

My results

Day 1

On the first day, I subscribed with an ordinary registration form. I deposited a small amount of trading funds with my credit card. I was aware that this would be refunded to 100% should I decide not to proceed. On the first day, I took a look at the site and saw that my account balance was 250 €. I was excited to start trading after I had heard all the news about people who have made big money using this system. I completed my first trade with the site, it was so easy. Was that everything I had to do? I went to bed and decided to check on the results tomorrow after work.

Screenshot day one

Day 2

On the second day, I woke up and rushed to work. I had overslept and was running late to catch the train. When I arrived at the office, I checked my mails and drank coffee. Then it occurred to me that I should check on the trade I had made! It was already 10:45 AM, so nearly 12 hours after I had placed the order. I logged in and was nervous and excited at the same time. Were my funds still there? I was worried...

I opened the overview of the site. At first I thought that it was some kind of error. Was this my account? I checked the account name in the corner again, yes it was mine. I almost spilled my coffee! I saw that my new account balance was 1.550 €. Unbelievable! In only 12 hours while I was sleeping, I had made a profit of 1.300 € from the initial 250 € that I had invested. I am glad that I have taken a screenshot of my account so that you can see below what I saw on this morning. I immediately wrote to my account manager at Banc de Binary. Surprisingly he wasn't as astonished as myself. "This is normal" he said, "in fact we see quite commonly that people earn even more than this in the first 12 hours." I was so impressed to see that it really worked. I could barely concentrate on my work for the rest of the day.

Screenshot day two

Day 3

On the third day of my trading, I was really invested. I saw that it wasn't a complicated system exclusively for fund managers or stockbrokers. It was really easy, and not only that, for the first time I was able to see how I was earning so much money. During my apprenticeship I had written an article about day trading in London and New York. I remembered that an elderly trader from a company told me that every single day, trillions of euros are being traded in securities like oil, gold and shares. These are not millions, not even billions, but indeed millions of billions! It was difficult to understand all this, but it was also clear that a trader can make a profit of thousands of euros every minute without too much hassle. Somehow the binary trading gives this opportunity to all of us. This is probably the most powerful tool ever created for earning money. On the third day, I traded even more with Banc de Binary. I spent around 15 minutes doing so and then another 30 minutes to check on it from time to time. When I went to bed, my account had reached an incredible balance of 11.405 €. I started to dream about how I would spend all this money. I could for example pay off my credit card debt. I could buy a new car. But I decided to wait a bit more and see how much more money I could earn.

Day 4

Today it went uphill very fast. My bank adviser told me that the more money I had, the more I could potentially earn. I traded a bit more. At the end of the day my balance had swollen to an impressive 38.785 €. This was much more than I would earn in a whole year. In only four remarkable days I had earned enough to travel around the world with my girlfriend, in first class! She didn't even know about my success! I booked a table in a 5-star hotel over the weekend to tell her this incredible story. I decided to pay off her tuition fees so that she could pursue her career as a fashion designer. This money would change our lives forever.


Day 5

On day 5, I realized that things were getting serious. My balance had exceeded the 100.000 € barrier. I felt this incredible joy, but was also a bit afraid. I had so much money in my account, how was I supposed to manage it? Fortunately Banc de Binary was able to help me with this issue. "We are creating so many millionaires that we have our own department that will attend to your needs." It's called the "Diamond Club" and when you cross the 100.000 € barrier, we consult you on how to manage your fortune. But I already knew what I wanted to do, I had a wish list. I wanted to pay off all my debt, which amounted to approximately 8.000 €. As I had mentioned earlier, I also wanted to pay off the debt of my girlfriend. My mother's birthday was coming up next month and I decided to make her a present that she would appreciate a lot. I went to a Mercedes dealer and took a test drive with a new car. The price amounted to 55.000 €, but I didn't want to spend this money. Nevertheless, it was a great feeling to know that if business keeps going so well, I could buy this car without having to take a loan.

Day 6

When I woke up on the sixth day, I checked my statistics with my mobile phone. I didn't have to rush to catch the train, because on this morning I had ordered a limousine to pick me up. Sure, the cost for it was quite high, but I just wanted to see the look on the face of my boss when I drive up with an elegant, black stretch limousine. I felt like Gordon Gecko in the movie "Wall Street" and it was so much fun. I decided not to work anymore every day for a minimal wage, when I could earn so much money working from home (if you can even call it work!). So I quit my job and gave my colleagues a huge gift basket. Some people thought I had won the lottery. I wanted to wait and tell it to my girlfriend first.

Day 7

The last day in my "diary" was a Sunday. I didn't have to work on Sundays and today wasn't any different. But this didn't stop my account from growing. The trading markets were open every day, and while I was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, my account balance just kept rising. On this day, the last day in my diary, I took a last screen shot from my account balance that I want to share with you. Maybe you should pinch yourselves to check whether you are dreaming or not. Just imagine how I felt. The final amount in my account displayed an incredible 1.075.235,50 €. Yes you heard right, I had earned over 1 million €. And this in MY FIRST WEEK. At this point I withdrew most of my funds. I didn't want to risk losing it, although there probably was no risk involved. I left around 75.000 € in my account and transferred over one million euros into my private bank account in Germany. Within 5 minutes, my bank adviser called me. "Mr Schäfer we have just received a payment of one million euros to your account. Where do these funds come from?" he asked. When I replied with "Banc de Binary – options trading", there was a silent pause. Then he said "Ah, that's what I thought. You are not the first client of the bank who has earned a large amount of money via this source." Then he invited me to discuss investment opportunities. Just imagine...Only one week ago I was refused the issuance of a new credit card because of my bad credit in the past. I was working for a minimal wage that was barely sufficient to pay my bills. And now the manager rolled out the red carpet and is inviting me to personal meetings.

Screenshot final day


"I couldn't have been happier with the results.
I earned 1.075.235,50 € in 7 days, without having to learn or work."


Conclusion: As a consumer you will have your doubts about the implications of this trading activity, but you should try it. The results are real. I have experienced it myself. After having created our own study, we are happy to see that people are having a lot of success with it (like me!). And you have nothing to lose, because the trading platform offers a full refund of your initial deposit if you decide not to trade after all. There are several websites that offer binary trading, but not all of them offer the best quality or guarantees, and this is why as a special offer to our readers we have received an extraordinary offer that you can only redeem at Euro Money. Simply follow the links that I have provided and you will receive a quality system that works; no tricks!

In these economically difficult times, everybody deserves a chance to earn money, not only rich celebrities or bank managers who keep all the secrets to themselves. This is the reason why I have decided to unveil this secret. Maybe you won't earn millions, but even 10.000 € can make a huge difference. You can pay off your debt, won't have to worry about how to pay your bills or rent and could enjoy the holiday of your dreams. Personally I am still trading and the Banc de Binary helps me to get accustomed to my new status as a "millionaire".

Within the framework of a temporary special offer exclusively for our users, you will automatically receive a 100% bonus when you deposit money into your trading account with Banc de Binary. You heard right – you will receive a minimum amount of 250 $ as FREE trading funds. This means that at the moment of your registration your money will already double. NO UPPER LIMIT for the free bonus money that you can receive.

I hope you have some luck and earn the extra euros...just like Thomas. I wish you a lot of success.

EuroInvest™ Contributeur & Millionaire


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K.D, London Thank you for this incredible advice. I just signed up and am eager to tell you how I won. You are an inspiration
R.S, Melbourne I heard about that when I was working in New York. All traders were talking about. A guy had won $ 30,000 in a single day and held a party for everyone. This is crazy, I do not know how it worked, but now I will try myself. Thank you
Roger S, Amsterdam I read on Google about binary options because my uncle told me he had tried and won € 1,000 on his first trade and as I have no job, I really wanted to see if it works. This log convinced me to give a chance to this system. I want to be a millionaire one day :)
H.W, New-York I trade binary options for 6 months. When I started, I was losing money and was starting to stress out because I did not know what to do and even though I'm pretty smart, I never managed to earn money. I tried everything and read many books on the subject. I stumbled on binary options and in fact, I have also used Jonas Binary system. It helped me to achieve success because they have the best system. I will not tell you how much I won in 6 months, but I will still tell you one thing: For Christmas, we're going to Florida with the family. It cost me $ 10,000, that's what I earn in a day. Good luck to all, it is extraordinary
NR, London I just signed up and I deposited my money. It's very easy. I have done research and it seems that this is the best platform for trading binary. I am sure I can make money from it. Thanks for the link.

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